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2020 Sales Now Ahead of Pre-Lockdown

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

The Trade Centre Wales celebrated passing its pre-lockdown sales volume mid-September, with sales from June to week-ending 20th September at 524 cars ahead of the 2020 sales to 24th March when the business had to close its doors due to COVID restrictions. Since lockdown restrictions were lifted in June, there has been an increased demand for premium brand cars such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi, with sales of the BMW 1 series up 25%, Audi A3 up 18% and Mercedes A-Class up 21%.

Commenting on these increases, Vehicle Purchasing Director Nathan Bailey explained “It is clear that with holidays cancelled and socialising curtailed, customers are shopping for cars with an increased budget and aspiration. Our competitive pricing ensures that premium cars are accessible to all, with a BMW 1 series available for as little as £35 per week, it is no wonder that customers are treating themselves to something a little more special in these difficult times”