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Trade Centre Wales Proudly Headlines the Child of Wales Awards 2024

Wednesday 21st February 2024

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We are delighted to announce that Trade Centre Wales will be the headline sponsors for the highly anticipated Child of Wales Awards, scheduled to take place at Swansea Arena on September 27, 2024. This prestigious event is a celebration of the remarkable achievements and resilience of young individuals across Wales, and Trade Centre Wales is honoured to play a pivotal role in recognising their outstanding contributions.

The Child of Wales Awards shines a spotlight on the inspiring stories of young individuals who have demonstrated courage, resilience, and exceptional achievements in various fields. From overcoming personal challenges to making positive contributions to their communities, these remarkable young people are true beacons of hope and inspiration.

Trade Centre Wales has always been dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities it serves. By taking on the role of headline sponsors for The Child of Wales Awards, the company reinforces its commitment to supporting initiatives that uplift and celebrate the achievements of individuals, especially the younger generation who embody the spirit of possibility and resilience.

Mark Bailey, the owner and founder of The Trade Centre Wales, expressed his profound sense of honor in being involved once again in The Child of Wales Awards. His commitment to giving back to the incredible communities across Wales is evident in the company’s continuous support for meaningful initiatives, and The Child of Wales Awards stands out as a particularly significant and worthwhile cause.

“I feel incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to be involved once again in The Child of Wales Awards and this time be headliners. Together, we create a legacy of compassion, hope, and positive change for the children we serve. Here’s to a future where every child’s potential is nurtured, and dreams are realized. We work hard to give back to the incredible communities across Wales and I can think of no better or worthwhile cause than the awards and the incredible people that will be recognised at the event”- Mark Bailey, owner and founder of The Trade Centre Wales.

Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Child of Wales Awards, added:

“The Child of Wales Awards aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of our youth, and we are incredibly grateful to have Trade Centre Wales ongoing support as our headline sponsor. This partnership not only helps us recognise the extraordinary accomplishments of children across the nation but also amplifies our message of hope and inspiration. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of young individuals and shaping a future filled with possibility.”

Nominations for the awards is officially opened and you can now nominate an inspiring young person! Click Here to stay up to date with the latest on Child of Wales award for 2024.