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Santa’s Surprise: Rochdale Community Unites for a Joyful Christmas

Monday 8th January 2024

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In the spirit of corporate philanthropy, the recent Christmas Day celebration in Rochdale became a significant occasion. Inspired by the season, a mission was undertaken to bring smiles to underprivileged children and families. This endeavour evolved into a heart warming collaboration.

With the support of colleagues, friends, and family, a collective effort raised an impressive £448, showcasing corporate generosity.

The team joined forces with Amy of Kindness, a local charity dedicated to supporting the less fortunate. Amy of Kindness has been a beacon of hope, providing essential resources and assistance week after week to ensure that vulnerable community members have access to food and other necessities. This collaboration amplified the impact of the Christmas surprise, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. On Christmas Day, they hosted a festive gathering for families in need, featuring a Christmas dinner, activities, and presents. The joy and laughter in the room were a testament to the endeavour’s success.

The collective efforts exceeded initial goals, creating cherished memories for Rochdale families. This experience reinforced the profound impact of corporate kindness on a community and left a lasting sense of fulfilment.