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Partnering for Success: Abergavenny Town FC and Trade Centre Wales Unite for Season 23/24

Monday 6th November 2023

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Trade Centre Wales proudly announces our partnership with Abergavenny Town FC for the upcoming season 23/24. We are thrilled to be the main shirt sponsor for both their home and away kits, and we believe this partnership will bring immense value to both our company and the club.

Abergavenny Town FC, founded in 1919, boasts a rich history and an enduring tradition of excellence in the world of football. Abergavenny Town has consistently performed well in local and regional circuits and has a commendable record of nurturing young talents. Their commitment to fostering emerging players has led to several of them achieving professional careers in football.

“Trade Centre Wales have once again been amazing. We deeply appreciate this partnership and look forward to see what this new season has for us.”- Chris Wildy

With high hopes and a dedication to achieving our shared vision, Abergavenny Town FC and Trade Centre Wales embark on a new journey together, destined for triumph, both on and off the pitch. The 23/24 season is bound to be an exhilarating chapter in the club’s history, and all eyes will be on the dynamic partnership that promises to bring new victories and memorable moments. Together, we look forward to a successful season filled with excitement, achievement, and community spirit.