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Hundreds of Clubs to Benefit from Kit Klub 2022/23

Thursday 14th July 2022

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As excitement builds towards the first game in the Premiership between Crystal Palace and Arsenal on Friday the 5th of August, thousands of players across a variety of grass roots sports will be equally as excited to be receiving their brand new kits from The Trade Centre Wales as we renew our support within the communities we serve with Kit Klub 2022/23.

Over 400 clubs will proudly don their club colours in the upcoming season, fresh kits will also feature branding from a plethora of our brand partners, all equally proud to be supporting such a worthwhile project.

Trade Centre Group, Brand Ambassador Mike Doyle commented “My role involves getting out and amongst the clubs, the best job that anyone could wish for. It is fantastic to witness the clear benefit that Kit Klub delivers to the community, I am certain that last season I have met more than a few Gareth Bales and Beth Meads of the future, the teams, the parents and volunteers that make it happen are truly inspirational”

Kits have been provided to clubs in every region in which The Trade Centre Group operates, this being the West Midlands, the North West and Yorkshire for Trade Centre UK and the whole of South Wales for Trade Centre Wales.

Chris Williams, Sports and Sponsorship Correspondent for the Trade Centre Group added “It is not only football teams that we support, we have provided kits this year to Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Netball and many other sports. I am in daily communication with teams across our regions and we really appreciate their kind feedback and ongoing support for the Trade Centre and our sponsorship partners. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our teams the very best for the upcoming season and hope to see them topping their respective tables.”