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Trade Centre Group Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

In common with many organisations in the retail sector, we had over 86% of our staff on furlough at the snapshot date, 5th April 2021.

Therefore, data for only 26 full time relevant employees was included when compiling this gender pay gap report even though the average number of employees (including those on furlough) during the year ending 5 April 2021 was 545.

The 26 full-time relevant employees at the snapshot date included 4 male directors and so this very small sample size has significantly distorted the gender pay gap figures we are required to report.

We continue to have no prejudices with either gender when it comes to recruitment for the full range of job roles across our organisation. With the continuing growth of the business since we re-opened in April 2021, we expect to continue to employ
many women in pivotal roles, particularly in our sales and office environments.

This report has been compiled by the company and submitted to the Government UK website as per regulations – Tim Carr, CEO.

Gender pay gap for hourly rate of pay:
Women are 86.7% Lower (Mean)
Women are 60.9% Lower (Median)

Gender pay gap for bonus pay (data from 12 months preceding snapshot date):
Women are 37.1% Lower (Mean)
Women are 13.7% Lower (Median)

Who received any bonus pay?
54.4% of Men
47.0% of Women

Pay Quartiles
(How many men and women are in each quarter of the payroll at the snapshot date
ranging from lowest to highest paid)
Upper Quartile: 100% Male / 0% Female 
Upper Middle Quartile: 83.3% Male / 16.7% Female
Lower Middle Quartile: 71.4% Male / 28.6% Female
Lower Quartile: 28.6% Male / 71.4% Female