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Trade Centre Group Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

We are pleased to see a significant improvement in our gender pay gap across the company; which clearly evidences our focus on promoting diversity in the workplace and a strong equality-based culture.

With the continued expansion of the company throughout the West Midlands; we employ many females in pivotal roles, particularly within the sales environment.

As a company we acknowledge that we still employ significantly more men than women. This is generally typical across the automotive industry; however we have no prejudices with either gender when it comes to recruitment for the range of job roles across the organisation.

The opportunity to measure, understand and report our gender pay gap; has proved to be an important step in closing the gap. We expect to see further improvements following the opening of our Coventry store.

This report has been compiled by the company and submitted to the Government UK website as per regulations – Andy Coulthurst, CEO.

Gender pay gap for hourly rate of pay:

Women are 27.3% Lower (Mean)

Women are 9.7% Lower (Median)

Gender pay gap for bonus pay (data from 12 months preceding snapshot date):

Women are 31.4% Lower (Mean)

Women are 36% Lower (Median)

Who received any bonus pay?

56.4% of Men

56.8% of Women

Pay Quartiles

(How many men and women are in each quarter of the payroll at the snapshot date ranging from lowest to highest paid)

Upper Quartile: 86.4% Male / 13.6% Female 

Upper Middle Quartile: 82% Male / 18% Female

Lower Middle Quartile: 88.3% Male / 11.7% Female

Lower Quartile: 69.3% Male / 30.7% Female