1. These terms and conditions are intended to contain all the terms of agreement between The Trade Centre Group Plc (us) and you (the purchaser) relating to the sale by you to us of your vehicle by way of Part Exchange in part payment of the price of  a vehicle which we are selling to you.

2. You warrant and undertake to us that:

a) Your vehicle is free from hire purchase or conditional sale agreements, charges or other encumbrances
b) The payment required to release a part exchanged vehicle absolutely from any existing hire purchase agreement, conditional sale agreement or other encumbrance is the amount which you have stipulated to us.
c) That your vehicle when delivered to us will be in the same condition as it was when we examined it before agreeing to purchase it from you.
d) That the vehicle has not sustained any serious accident damage and that it will attract a clear search at H.P.I.

3. In return for your delivering up your vehicle to us, on the basis that the warranties mentioned in the preceding clause of these terms and conditions are true we undertake and agree:

a) To pay to you the purchase price for your vehicle agreed in negotiations between us on the basis that you or your chosen finance company will pay to us the agreed price of the vehicle which we are selling to you.

b) Subject to clauses 5 & 6 below we will also pay to you for your vehicle £500 more than you have already been offered by any other car dealer in South Wales or by any online car purchasing company in the United Kingdom PROVIDED that such an offer has been made to you in a period of seven days prior to your offering to sell the vehicle to us and FURTHER PROVIDED that you make us aware of the previous offer before we agree to purchase your car.

4. Our guarantee to make this additional payment will also in certain cases be subject to our first checking with the other car dealer in South Wales or with the online car purchasing company in order to verify the amount which was offered to you for your vehicle and we may also request them to supply to us confirmation in writing of their offer to you for the purpose of ensuring that they are bona fide traders authorised by the appropriate authorities to carry on business as motor dealers and registered for Value Added Tax.

5. Our offer to pay at least a further £500 for your vehicle applies only when you agree to purchase a vehicle from us at the advertised price and it does not apply to vehicles being offered by us at discounted prices.   

6. The vehicle offered for sale by the other car dealer in South Wales against which you were offered a part exchanged price must:

a) Be similar in year of registration and in mileage travelled to the vehicle which you wish to purchase from us
b) Must be offered by the other motor dealer at a price which is no more than £1,000 more or less than the advertised price of the vehicle which you wish to purchase from us.