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Winning kit car storms ahead thanks to Trade Centre Wales sponsorship

Monday 1st July 2019

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Cwmlai Primary School in Tonyrefail is the latest community group to receive sponsorship from Trade Centre Wales, to help fund STEM education and build a winning electric race car.

After receiving a letter from a keen year 6 pupil, Trade Centre Wales donated £500 towards a Greenpower Education Trust project, which involved building and racing an electric car.

The Greenpower Goblin car – a kit car designed specifically for primary schools to introduce practical engineering to 10-11-year olds – aims to improve pupils’ understanding of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in an exciting and interactive way.

The project engaged the pupils in a competitive activity requiring teamwork and initiative, which involved a race day against 15 other local primary schools on the 22nd June at Miskin Business Park. The students of Cwmlai won overall, having been particularly successful in the drag race.

Supporting modern education methods

Scott Curnell, Year 6 teacher at Cwmlai Primary School said: “The project was daunting at first – the school didn’t have the budget to fund the project, so it was up to the students to find sponsors and organise fundraising activities. Thanks to the sponsorship from Trade Centre Wales, the race day was a huge success. With the donation, we were able to buy materials to build the car, and fund essential educational activities like setting up fundraisers and teaching the pupils to safely handle a vehicle to encourage them to take part in STEM.

“This project gave students the opportunity to become business leaders for the day! They handled the finances, marketing the event, as well as the actual building and running of the vehicles. As the Welsh curriculum evolves, more emphasis is being put on new ways for students to learn and think outside of the classroom, so this was a fantastic opportunity to put that theory into practice.

“The students are so grateful to their sponsors for helping them make this project a reality. They wanted to show their gratitude, so they invited the companies that sponsored them into school to present their overall projects. Two members of the Trade Centre Wales team came along to enjoy tea and cake and although our kit car wasn’t anything like the ones in the showrooms, the guys were impressed never the less!”

Investing in the future

Andy Coulthurst, CEO of The Trade Centre Wales, said: “Supporting local schools is very important to us, as we see a lot of value in investing into our future generations. Unique and creative projects such as this are a great way for us to ensure that students can enjoy their education, as well as being well-prepared for life outside the school gates.

“Judging by the result, we’ve obviously got a few keen drivers at Cwmlai Primary School and so we will look forward to seeing them come to our showroom for their first car sometime in the near future!”