So with October 1st looming we thought it best here at Trade Centre Wales to educate buyers on what to do when buying their used cars in South Wales!

First of all, why are the DVLA scrapping the tax disc? Well, it’s been around for more than 93 years after being first introduced in 1921… (Where they cost around £6). So we know it’s old, more importantly there are enough ANPR cameras on the roads now to enforce it, it’s extremely rare to find an authority checking tax discs; aside from the mobile DVLA units. Locally speaking, we’ve spotted permanent ANPR cameras being setup around our Neath site, and also just about every junction leaving the M4 around Swansea and Cardiff. Somebody say big brother?

So what to do when buying a used car, hopefully from us here at Wales’ Largest Car Supermarket?

It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the used car is taxed before it leaves the forecourt and onto a public road, so using one of the methods listed below you will have to tax the vehicle.

In short, you’ll no longer need to make the dreaded trip to the Post Office to get a little perforated peace of paper which no one reads anymore, which is a plus as a few of us here still rip the tax disc when ripping it apart. Instead you can either call 0300 123 4321 or go online to You can of course still visit the Post Office… But you’ll have to fill in some forms, and that’s so 1921.

It should be pretty painless, whilst we haven’t used the new system yet- the phone system is said to take between 3-4 minutes… Which is probably much quicker than waiting in line at the Post Office.

If you’re selling your car then you can no longer offer your used car with 1-12 months tax that’s left at point of sale. You’ll have to contact the DVLA at the time of sale by sending them the V5C or V5C/3 form by post (sadly no online alternative for this modern DVLA).

Selling privately is set to become more difficult as the buyers will have to purchase tax for their used car there and then before they leave with the vehicle. I suppose that’s more reason to bring it to our Neath or Merthyr site and get a great part exchange price instead of all the hassle!