An Inspector Calls: The Trade Centre Wales deliver outstanding results

The Trade Centre Wales were delighted last week to announce that their service centre in Navigation Park, passed the company’s first unannounced visit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


On the 16th January, the HSE carried out an inspection to ensure that the health and safety management system in place is protecting employees and customers by adhering to all health and safety regulations.


During the visit, employees were questioned on their knowledge and experience of health and safety whilst working at The Trade Centre Wales. As a result of each employee’s exceptional knowledge of their roles, coupled with positive findings, the inspection was concluded with no breaches in health and safety laws.


Workshop standards and employee understanding of health and safety was truly highlighted as the workshop was described by the inspectors to be the best performing workshop each had visited regarding health and safety compliance.


This inspection has demonstrated that measures are being taken daily by those responsible in the company to protect employees and customers against risk and injury.

We can all be proud

Jonathan Cushen, Group Health and Safety Manager said: “I would like to personally thank all those who have helped achieve this result. We are always looking for ways of improving our policies and procedures. This accomplishment is something we can all be proud of!”