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Loughor Rugby Club

Saturday 13th August 2016

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Loughor Rugby Club is proud to have been associated with The Trade Centre Wales for a number of years.

This association has been of great benefit to the players of the Loughor First XV in that they have been supplied with several new playing strips by The Trade Centre Wales. New jerseys to be worn during home matches have been presented, whilst alternate kits, worn at fixtures away from Loughor, have been received.

The vision of the Company has seen both the youth and junior levels at Loughor Rugby Club benefit from the generosity of The Trade Centre Wales.

On behalf of the players, committee and members of Loughor Rugby Football club I wish to express the gratitude felt by all for your thoughtfulness in supporting the Loughor Rugby First XV. Another set of jerseys displaying your company name and logo was gratefully received.

Loughor Rugby Club is a totally amateur establishment and relies on the generosity of its members, sponsors and supporters to exist. It is this support which enables the club to function and organise and prepare teams to take to the field of play. It is very gratifying to find support coming from the local community and industry, indeed all at Loughor appreciate your efforts and willingness to help the club.

Please be aware that you are welcome at Loughor Rugby Club at any time. I look forward to greeting you, maybe at a Saturday fixture and thanking you personally for your involvement.

Once again I take great pleasure in writing to thank you for your kind support of Loughor Rugby Football Club.

Kevin Lewis
Hon Rugby Sec
Loughor RFC