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Can this new device stop UK drink-drivers from starting their cars?

Thursday 2nd August 2018

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For the first time in the UK, Police are to offer potential drink-drivers new devices which will breath-test them, before allowing the car to start. These devices will be provided free of charge for anyone in the area who would like to assist this cause.

Durham Police will pilot the scheme, under the force’s Checkpoint programme, to fit alcohol “interlocks” which means the vehicle will be immobilised if the driver is over the limit.

Similar devices already exist in places such as Australia, Denmark and US which offer the device on a voluntary basis.

This device is a result of the fundamental aim to cut the number of road incidents by attempting to keep the level of crime on offenders’ behaviour low.

The force said elsewhere in the world these devices can be fitted as part of a drink-driver’s sentence by the courts.

The devices make drivers take a breath test before setting off and again at random points during a journey. Data is sent to officers in real-time using mobile phone technology. The system is a means of forcing regular offenders to address their drinking and takes potential drink drivers off the roads.

CEO Andy Coulthurst commented: “From a car dealers perspective, this idea is pivotal to the present-day. It offers a further element of reassurance to other drivers on the road and greater safety. I would like to see this pilot influence other forces to take similar action on drink-driving and follow Durham’s lead. This device prevents drink drivers from not only making regrettable decisions but posing a danger to others.”