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Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

We are committed to equality, inclusion and diversity when it comes to recruitment for the full range of job roles across our organisation. We continue to consider how we can improve and provide greater opportunities for all our employees.

This report has been compiled by the company and submitted to the Government UK website as per regulations – Andrew Coulthurst, CEO.

Gender pay gap for hourly rate of pay:
Women are 27.4% Lower (Mean)
Women are 13.5% Lower (Median)

Gender pay gap for bonus pay (data from 12 months preceding snapshot date):
Women are 31.1% Lower (Mean)
Women are 16.6% Lower (Median)

Who received any bonus pay?
50.6% of Men
52.7% of Women

Pay Quartiles
(How many men and women are in each quarter of the payroll at the snapshot date
ranging from lowest to highest paid)
Upper Quartile: 90.4% Male / 9.6% Female
Upper Middle Quartile: 86.6% Male / 13.4% Female
Lower Middle Quartile: 72.6% Male / 27.4% Female
Lower Quartile: 70.1% Male / 29.9% Female