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‘Free Fuel for a Year’ Promotion Terms & Conditions

Please Note: The ‘Free Fuel for a Year’ Promotion has now finished.

  1. The ‘Free Fuel for a Year’ promotion
    1.1. ‘Free Fuel for a Year’ (“Free Fuel”) is a promotion offered to every customer (“you”, “your”) on every car offered for sale by The Trade Centre Group PLC, which trades as The Trade Centre Wales and The Trade Centre UK (“we”, “us”, “our”).
    1.2. In the Free Fuel promotion, ‘free fuel’ means that your car purchase price is reduced by £1,200 (your “Rebate”) and you authorise us to apply that Rebate to purchase a “Fuel Card” entitling you to up to £1,200 of fuel, receivable at the times stated within, and subject to the terms of, this promotion.
    1.3. Subject to you satisfying all the requirements set out in these terms and conditions (“Conditions”), we will send you a Fuel Card which we will pre-load with up to £1,200 for you to spend on fuel for the car you purchased from us (“Car”), in 12 equal monthly instalments of £100 (less any deductions made in accordance with clause 6.6).
    1.4. The promotion period commences on 30th June 2022 and will run until further notice.

  2. Free Fuel requirements
    2.1. We will only accept one Free Fuel claim (“Claim”) per Car. Your Claim must be made in the same name and at the same address as those stated on your invoice for the Car.
    2.2. Your Claim and subsequent monthly redemptions claims must be made via our “Free Fuel Portal”, operated on our behalf by TCi Futures Limited (“TCi”).
    2.3. The Free Fuel promotion is only for fuel for use in the Car we sold you.
    2.4. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United Kingdom.

  3. Your Free Fuel claim
    3.1. Your Claim must be submitted via our Free Fuel Portal ( within 14 days of you collecting the Car from us (“Collection”). Any Claims received after 14 days will not be accepted.
    3.2. Your Claim will be checked by us, or TCi on our behalf, against these Conditions. If your Claim does not satisfy all these Conditions, it will be rejected.
    3.3. If your Claim passes our checks, we will notify our partner, Sodexo Motivation Solutions U.K. Limited (“Sodexo”) and instruct them to send you a Fuel Card, loaded with your first months £100 of free fuel credit.
    3.4. The first Friday after our notification to Sodexo will be the start date (“Start Date”) of your Free Fuel 12-month period.

  4. Your monthly redemption claims
    4.1. You must submit a monthly redemption claim (“Redemption Claim”) for each of the (up to) 11 further months of free fuel credit within a specified period each month (“Redemption Period”). Each of the (up to) 11 Redemption Periods will open on the same day of the month as the Start Date, beginning from the month after the Start Date, and remain open for 7 days. We will notify you of the start and end dates for your Redemption Periods by email.
    4.2. Each of your Redemption Claims must be submitted via our Free Fuel Portal within the relevant monthly Redemption Period.
    4.3. As part of each Redemption Claim you will be asked to verify your personal details, that you still own the Car, confirm the details of the Car (including the date of the V5 certificate in your name and the Car’s current mileometer reading), confirm your continued consent to our use of your data and permission to communicate with you by email.
    4.4. Each of your Redemption Claims will be checked by us, or TCi on our behalf, against these Conditions. If your Redemption Claim does not satisfy all these Conditions, it will be rejected.
    4.5. If your Redemption Claim passes our checks, we will notify Sodexo and instruct them to load £100 to your Fuel Card. Sodexo aim to complete loads within 5 days of notification.
    4.6. It will not be possible to make a Redemption Claim against past or future Redemption Periods.
    4.7. If no Redemption Claims are submitted for two consecutive Redemption Periods we will assume that you no longer wish to participate in the Free Fuel promotion and your right to all remaining Redemption Claims will be forfeited.

  1. Responsibility for your Claim and Redemption Claims
    5.1. Neither we nor TCi will be responsible for any Claim or Redemption Claims that are late, corrupted, damaged, misdirected, or incomplete or cannot be delivered for any technical fault, delivery or any other reason. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Claim or Redemption Claim has been submitted to the Free Fuel Portal correctly and within the
    designated timeframe.
    5.2. Neither we nor TCi will be liable if you are not able to submit your Claim or Redemption Claim for any reason, including and without limitation system failure, error, hacks on the system or personal computer issues.
    5.3. If the sale contract for the Car is cancelled for any reason within 28 days of Collection, you will no longer be entitled to participate in the Free Fuel promotion. If you have already received Fuel Card from us, you agree to as soon as possible, and in any event, within 7 days of being notified by us, to cease using and cut up the Fuel Card and reimburse us for any credit that was loaded to the card and used by you.
    5.4. You must ensure that all the information you provide us is complete accurate and up to date.

  1. Your Fuel Card
    6.1. Your Fuel Card will be issued to you by Sodexo within 28 days of Collection and will be in the currency of pound sterling (£).
    6.2. Sodexo will provide you with terms and conditions governing your use of the Fuel Card. If we or Sodexo become aware of your non-compliance with these terms and conditions or any misuse of the Fuel Card, we and/or Sodexo will block, suspend or cancel your card (at our and/or Sodexo’s option) and your right to all remaining Redemption Claims will be forfeited.
    6.3. Sodexo may cancel your Fuel Card if they deem it necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, including requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority and Visa.
    6.4. You will be provided with instructions on how to activate your Fuel Card by Sodexo when your card is sent to you. You must activate the Fuel Card as soon as possible after receipt.
    6.5. You will not be able to load money onto the Fuel Card yourself.
    6.6. The Fuel Card remains the property of Sodexo.
    6.7. If you lose or damage your Fuel Card you will be charged £25 for a replacement, by way of a reduced card load value following your next Redemption Claim.
    6.8. If you need assistance with your Fuel Card, please contact Sodexo customer services on +44 (0)1908 228332 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), or send an email to A lost and stolen or unauthorised card use service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on +44 (0)1908 228332. Please note a call charge may be applied by your network provider.

  1. Data protection
    7.1. We may validate name, address and other personal information supplied by you during your purchase of the Car, your Claim or Redemption Claims against appropriate third-party databases. By accepting this Agreement, you consent to such checks being made. In performing these checks, personal information provided by you may be disclosed to a Registered Credit Reference Agency, which may keep a record of that information. All information provided by you will be treated securely and strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.
    7.2. We will share your personal data with TCi and Sodexo in order to validate and process your Claim and Redemption Claims and we may also share your personal data with third parties, including:
    7.2.1. IT providers who assist us to process your application or who provide IT and system administration services.
    7.2.2. Marketing service providers, undertaking activities for us, including but not limited to: e- mail, SMS and direct mail marketing.
    7.2.3. Organisations who provide services for money laundering checks and other fraud and crime prevention purposes.
    7.2.4. Our professional advisers including solicitors, bankers, auditors and insurers.
    7.2.5. HM Revenue & Customs, regulators and other authorities who require reporting of processing activities in certain circumstances.
    7.3. For further information on how your personal data will be processed, please refer to

  1. General
    8.1. Any Claim or Redemption Claims that we believe to be fraudulent will be rejected and we may report you to the relevant authorities.
    8.2. By submitting your Claim or Redemption Claim via our Free Fuel Portal, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Conditions which may be amended or varied by us from time to time and made available on our Free Fuel Portal. These
    Conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials.
    8.3. Any questions regarding Free Fuel should be submitted to Please state your full name and Car registration number in any correspondence.
    8.4. We reserve the right to hold void, cancel, suspend or amend the Free Fuel promotion where it becomes necessary to do so.
    8.5. Free Fuel cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion that we offer.
    8.6. Your right to participate in the Free Fuel offer is removed if a discount is applied to the screen price of the Car at point of purchase.
    8.7. To the full extent permitted by law and excluding death or personal injury caused as a result of our negligence, we, our associated companies and agencies and any of their personnel (“Relevant Parties”) exclude all liability for any loss (including any damage, claim, injury, cost or expense) which is suffered or in incurred by you in connection with Free Fuel, including without limitation: (i) any indirect, economic or consequential loss; (ii) any loss arising from the negligence of a Relevant Party; (iii) any liability for personal injury or death.
    8.8These Conditions will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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